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DxDesigner (PADS 9.2): Archiving Projects // Project Directory Contents

Question asked by SB on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by SB

For archiving projects the tool Archiver is suggested. This tool seems to copy important files and subdirectories to a new location.

One can add additional files and subdirectories to be copied, too. Opening the project on the new location seems to work.


Using the tool have some drawbacks:

  • All libraries are copied. That's not our intention because we have another approach here.
  • The project xml file is changed to point to the copied lib and to the copied files "borders.ini" and "speccomp.ini".
    Both is not desired.
  • The information which files to add additionally is saved in a xml file. This xml file is also copied, too.
    But its not used for the next Archiver start at the original project, even if I copy the file to this location, so I have to add the files again.


So my appoach would be to build my own archiving tool.

Is there any documentation about the project directory contents to answer questions like:

  • Which subdirectories one has to archive to rebuild the project ?
  • What are the subdirectories "autobackup", "designintegritycheckerbackup" and other used for ?
    This is interesting anyway.
  • Which parts of the directory "database" are to archive ?
    There are some restrictions (see Archiver users guide note).
  • Are there other important files then the configuration files.
    (For the configuration files there is enough documentation I think.)