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    .rlc file import in HyperLynx




      I have a .rlc file that details the RLC parameters of a transmission line and I want to import or port it into Hyperlynx, more specifically in LineSim.

      Is there a way to have this model added to the transmission line models that are standard in Hyperlynx?


      This files comes from a package provided by Intel to simulate the traces of the package.


      Thanks for your help.



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          Hi Martin,


          HL support spice model, so normally  transmisson line's W Element model cab be used in HL linesim.  I don't know what format is intel .rlc file. You can check below  example for W Element modle and create the transmision line 's element model based RLGC valued in .rlc file of intel. 


          You can add a package/connector symbol  in schematics and assign the model you created to it.

          .SUBCKT IntelTL 1 2

          * Node   0 = Gnd (Common Return)

          W001       N=1  1    0  2    0 RLGCmodel=Model_W001 L=0.0762 fgd=1e9  MULTIDEBYE=1

          .MODEL Model_W001 W MODELTYPE=RLGC N=1
          * Lo  (H/m)
          + Lo =
          + 4.7173e-007

          * Co  (F/m)
          + Co =
          + 7.20961e-011

          * Ro (Ohm/m)
          + Ro =
          + 3.77078

          * Go (S/m)
          + Go =
          + 0

          * Rs (Ohm/m-sqrt(Hz))
          + Rs =
          + 0.00120237

          * Gd (S/m-Hz)
          + Gd =
          + 7.88237e-012



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            Yanfeng is correct. Let me add a few details to make it easier for you. Notice in Yanfeng's example, the SPICE file contains a .subckt and an instance of the W element in that subcircuit. Your SPICE model must be in the form of a subcircuit, so that HyperLynx can instantiate it.


            Also, HyperLynx will only show files with certain file name extensions when you browse for the model file. Select menu Setup > Options > General... select tab Circuit Simulators and see the frame titled SPICE-deck file extensions. You can either change your model file name to have one of the listed extensions, or add your file name extension into this list.



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              Hi Yanfeng and Weston,


              Many thanks to both of you for your help.


              I was able to "import" the .rlc file through a sub-circuit and add it to my model.


              Thanks a lot.