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OT: IPC Slash sheet reference?

Question asked by pcorbin on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by wolferm

I am going back and forth on this issue (again):


Should the fab drawing reference IPC slash sheets for material call-out;

or should the material reference just be generic requirements?


I.E.: "NEMA GRADE FR4 IAW IPC-4101-nn; UL 94V0".




"NEMA GRADE FR4, UL 94V0, Tg 130C MIN; Td 320C, T288 >/= 4 MINUTES, Z AXIS EXPANSION 3.5% MAX".


I have conflicting opinoins on using IPC slash numbers versus calling out the requirements in a more generic fashion.


Any input would be appreciated. I am trying to use the least amount of information

that yields the maximum production efficiency with the lowest prices. Haha...isn't everyone?

Thanks, Patrick