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    Converting Gerbers to PADS Layout?




      We have a ten year old design that we need to update, mostly changing some of the connectors. The trouble is, I only have the gerbers, and the engineer who designed this board is long gone. Re-entering/re-routing the entire board would be an absolute nightmare, because it's high speed AND high voltage, so the layout was very carefully tuned after several rounds of design and testing.


      In PADS Layout, is there a way to import a design for modifications if you only have the Gerbers?



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          Although I've never done it, rumor has it that Cam350 (DownStream Technology) can be used to reverse engineer a set of gerbers into a Pads Layout. Real messy though. It may be easier to convert each layer's gerber to dxf and import that into Pads. Reproduce the routing. Repeat for each layer as needed. Unfortunately there is no schematic or netlist for checking. Also, I've had very little success getting On-the-Fly Pads layouts to synch with a schematic that was made AFTER layout. Good Luck with your project!

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            Greetings. converting from Gerber to a full blown circuit board is very common. Cam350 does indeed perform this very well. The complete Gerber with drill data can be read in, parts created then a netlist extracted.


            Blind and buried vias can be a burden and should be avoided if necessary. If an original electronic schematic is available then a verification can be done . An available IPC netlist also helps. I have perform this many times as many legacy designs are often




            Please feel free to email me if you require further interest.



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              We have also tried CAM350 for Reverse engineering. It works for small designs but fails for bigger and complex designs.


              Do you have any idea of CAD/CAM tools, Translators available presently for this purpose.