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Export PDF and Scout

Question asked by David_S on Jan 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by Wolfgang_Antrey


I need a little help here.  We are just coming up to speed with DxDesigner and hierarchical designs.  With some changes to the default scout.ini file, and setting up correct page number setup files, we are now get correct page numbers.  We have also setup the PDF generator to use page_num (Schematic Sheet Order Property) to generate the pages in the correct order.  But, there are 2 problems when we do this:


1.  Bookmarks on in the PDF are not reordered.


2.  Selecting a block symbol and pushing into it, no longer goes to the correct page.


Are these known errors, or have we messed up our scount.ini files in a way the PDF genorator doesn't understand.  I've tried this with 2 designs, and they both do this.  Current version is 2007.8 update 14.