How to generate BER better than 10E-12 using HperLynx IBIS-AMI simulation

Discussion created by satyalingam.karnati on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by weston_beal

While I was simulating IBIS-AMI model, not able to get BER better than 10E-10.

Is it because of the performance of the link or whether i need to change the PRBS pattern or somethings else to increase the number of bit simulated.


I took Mentor example, hope it is ideal channel, it should atleast give me BER better than 10E-12. Please let me know how to genarate BER(Bit Error Rate) better than 10E-12.


I already tried increasing the PRBS bit pattern bit order till 31 and increased the total number of bits to simulate till 9 millions