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    Different representation for splices in VesysDesign


      Is it possible to have a different representation for splices which are shared compared to those splices which are not shared? This is possible for connectors.

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          Hi Milan,


          Firstly VeSys 2.0 does not support Shared Objects


          But I think you want a different representation for splice symbols that have more than one instance within a VeSys 2.0 Design, unfortuantely this is not possible.


          Of course for CHS you could do this by applying a query behind the shape of the splice.. but that's not the case with VeSys 2.0.


          Instead VeSys 2.0 can show a x-ref for multi-instanced splices and so the user could get a visual indication that there are multiple copies of the splice within the design... but without knowing what you are trying to achieve I am not sure what to recommend