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PADS Logic - Zoom to sheet extents for all sheets

Question asked by jduquette on Feb 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by bradu

(resubmitted as a discussion instead of a document)


I like to zoom out all the pages of a schematic before I save it.  Here is a script to do that with a couple of clicks:


Sub Main


   Rem zoom to sheet extents for all sheets in schematic


   rem flag the present sheet
   presentSheet = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.Name
   Set shts = ActiveDocument.Sheets
   For n = 1 To shts.Count
       rem activate a sheet
       rem zoom to the full sheet
       rem capture the original sheet's index value
       thissheet = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.Name
       If thissheet = presentSheet Then gobacktosheet = n
    Next n
    rem redisplay the sheet that was active when the routine was called
End Sub



Does anyone know how to set up a keyboard shortcut to call this script?