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Mentor 7.9.1: What is the purpose of viewdraw.ini?

Question asked by markus.reich on Feb 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2011 by markus.reich
In the latest installation of Mentor 7.9.1 we deleted accidentally the viewdraw.ini file in all of our WDIR- directories. 
Our WDIR variable looks like C:\WDIR;V:\standard_Mentor2007_9EXP;C:\MentorGraphics\7.9EE\SDD_HOME\standard and the viewdraw.ini was in none of these directories.

After that point DxDesigner didn't start anymore (1-68HQ9Q.png) until we restored the deleted viewdraw.ini in one of the WDIR directories

I also found out, that an empty viewdraw.ini file isn't sufficient, at least foolowing entry must be put into the viewdraw.ini: DIR [p] .

What purpose has the viewdraw.ini since the file isn't mentioned in the list of configuration files for 2007.x (