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Copper Pour Doesn't Flood Over Odd Shaped Pad

Question asked by cliffh on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Les

PADS 2007.2


I have a round pad with odd shaped copper associated with it (MS90335-8 connector).  When I use a copper pour it pulls away from the associated copper.  I tried selecting the copper pour outline and F6, which highlights the pad.  From that I know that the copper pour is assigned to the correct net. There are no thermal spokes for this pad, but there are for the oval pads it connects to.


Things I've tried (which didn't work):


Unassociating the copper from the pad.

Setting round pads to flood over in the Preferences/Thermals tab.

Expanding the copper pour outline to completely enclose the pad & associated copper.

Running a trace from the pad in question to anther pad that it connects to <-- this has usually worked for me in the past