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Discussion created by merlin on Feb 2, 2011
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I have write a little scripte to build a Toolbar in DxDesigner (viewdraw). On my computer with windows7 64bit or my virtuell-maschine the script is ok. on other computer with win xp an error messages unknow command line 14.

line 14 is: Set utilitiesToolBar = wvApp.CommandBars("PDM")


can anyone help?


Option Explicit

' Add the key bindings type library so that we can use enumerates from that library.
' Get the application object.  Use implicit Application for internal scripts
Dim wvApp
Set wvApp = Application
Dim vdapp
Set vdapp = GetObject(,"ViewDraw.Application")

' Get the Utilities tool bar.
Dim utilitiesToolBar
Set utilitiesToolBar = wvApp.CommandBars("PDM")

' Get the collection of controls from utilities tool bar
Dim utilitiesControlsColl
Set utilitiesControlsColl = utilitiesToolBar.Controls


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