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    Calculating the area of a PCB-Decal


      Are there any script guru's out there?

      Is it possible to use a script to calculate the area of a PCB-decal?


      I want to use it to calculate the area on a board that is occupied by PCB-Decals.


      The Board area can be calculated by using the Document.BoardOutlineSurface function.

      I'm looking for a similar function for PCB-Decals - or a way to at least calculate it.




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          I don't believe there is a specific object reference available for this, but you could retrieve decal data from the ascii export function. Decal outline data is listed as X,Y coordinates based on decal origin. Simple applied geometry, based on min/max values, should provide decal outline area. Some data analysis would be needed to determine if data is an arc. The larger problem here may be determining the correct outline to process; many decals contain silkscreen, assembly and placement outlines.

          A rough approximation of comp area could also be based on pad location extents (I believe this is how the Board Status report calculates comp area).


          I have a script on my site at http://mindlinktech.com/download.htm  -Board Dim, that might provide some ideas.

          Ron O

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