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    Design Integrity Checker Backup Files



      I am currently usign DxDesginer (EE2007.8) within the project folder is a subfolder called DESGININTEGRITYCHECKERBACKUP this folder in turn contains a series of Backup folders.


      However this folder in most of our projects has become a huge size (of 480Mb).


      When I perform JobManagement - Cleanup wizard on the project it does not remove these files.


      Therefore what I would like to know is

      Can I just delete these files without a determental effect to the project and can someone explain what these files do and when they are required.


      Many thanks

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          The simple answer is yes you can delete these files, I would suggest you leave at least the latest one in the folder. The files are copies of the database and project file before the diagnostics are run so you can restore the database should you need to.

          We are looking at enhancing our utilities to help users manage the backup files and purge them as necessary. You will see some changes in EE7.9.2 and our plans are to provide a set of utilities in the EE7.9.3 release timeframe, but this may change based on our priorities.

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