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    Coordinate units in DxDesigner?



      Can anybody tell me what unit the DxDesigner coordinates are in?

      Like, when I do Circle.Getcenter().X, I get numbers in the thousands and have to translate this to display coordinates, that is, inches.


      Lots of Greetings!


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          The old units were 100 to 1 inch and not compatible with the metric system.


          The new resolution units are 2540000 to 1 inch or 100000 per mm


          The new units are 25400 times more detailed than the old units


          Most symbols are still designed on a grid of 254000 or 0.1 inch.


          Some automation still uses the old units, and some uses the new units.


          Recent versions of the symbol editor can save either  "Backward Compatible" or "High" Precision

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            Ok, so the worst of all implementations. Mixed AND undocumented. I'm going to open an SR.

            Thanks a lot!


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              Personally I'm very happy that Mentor has switched to metric here. Yes, for historical reasons it's mixed, but I don't see a problem with that - just use one system consistently.

              In the end of the day those are logical units, their "metric" or "imperial" meaning is just for user convenience.

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                Hi Artsiom!


                I have no problem at all with whatever unit they use.

                What irks me is that

                1. if Gary is right, the unit system changed without notification and
                2. the documentation doesn't say what that unit is! >:-(


                When I read the doc of Point.X I expect a sentence saying that values are given in nanometres, fathoms or whatever. Not just "A value representing the X coordinate of the point." That X returns X doesn't enhance my understanding of the point object very much.


                Sorry for the gripe.


                Lots of Greetings!


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                  Documentation or an SR is the appropriate method to get information about the specifics of each automation.  Where the documentation is lacking, an SR will also flag that the documentation needs upgrading.


                  The enhancing of the internal units was  published in the release notes for EE2007.8 when it was announced metric was supported.  At this time the symbol editor was upgraded so that symbols could be saved in “backward compatible” or “high precision”


                  At the automation level, there was no change to the interface and the default units are 0.01 inch.  In isolated instances dealing with sheet size and grid, the units are the internal database units, which I described earlier.  I did not research Circle.Getcenter().X before replying to you, it may be inconsistant.

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                    Thanks a lot!

                    As far as I remember, we went straight from 2007.7 to 7.9. Our mistake.