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Best way to route traces in 45 degree?

Question asked by erdin_sinanovic on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2011 by erdin_sinanovic

Hi guys!


I've been trying to route a length restricted diff pair in a 45 degree traces over the PCB and then round the corners with "Modify Corners". The problem is, that Expedition does not generate 90 degree corners consistently. 50% of the time the 90 degree corners have a not visible 45 degree inside. This makes the "Modify Corners" tool fail at these corners. I already switched off Gloss, but the problem remains. To uncheck the option "Allow 45 degree corners" in the Editor Control under the Route tab is also not applicable, because then I can only route in horizonal or vertical lines but not in 45 degrees over the PCB. So is there a way to create 90 degree corners without much hassle?


Thanks in advance!