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    DxDesigner Presentation_FULL.exe



      Our anti-virus is showing that the file " DxDesigner Presentation_FULL.exe "

      has potential of a virus. I need to know if this is a needed file or if it can be removed. If the file is needed can you please verify the file is correct.

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          Where is this file located? I don't have it in  my install of DxDesigner in the EE flow, which version of software have you installed, EE, PADS or IND?

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            Thanks for getting back to me. The file that it points to is DxDesigner_2007_CD_Demo.zip which extracts to the file.

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              This is a tutorial program downloaded from TechNote MG244290

              DxDesigner 2007 Tutorial (iCDB)


              On occasion a few other customers have also seen this warning.  I just downloaded and rescaned the file with Symnantec Endpoint Protection with Virus definitions dated Feb 9, 2011 and there is not an issue with the file.


              The Tutorial used a unique and highly interactive software program that apparently mimics the affects also found in PDM.invader type loader virus.  I am not sure where you downloaded the file, but we are confident the file downloaded from the supportnet technote MG244290 does not contain a virus.


              This software is not required to use DxDesigner, but is a interactive tutorial on how to use and implement the tool.