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    pins authomatically added to block symbols... why?


      In my company there is a single workstation in which, when a symbol of a hierarchical block is created, the pins In, Out and GND are always added to the symbol. On all the other workstations this does not happen.

      For example I create a schematic with only a resistor inside, with two ports named A and B. When I create the block symbol and I open it in the symbol editor, then the pins A, B, In, Out and GND are created.

      If I copy the project to another workstation, then doing the same operation only the pins A and B are created. Why this happens? Someone can help me?

      The PC are with Windows XP and DxDesigner 7.9.1 update 5 (but we tried other updates the and situation does not change).


      Davide Camerano

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          This is a question for support, but a setup file from previous versions may be the issue.


          Check to see if there is a mgc_nse_2007.ini file in the C:\users\username directory (or another file with *nse* .ini)


          This file can override the default settings.   I suggest making a backup of the file and then deleteing the file so that the default preferences can be applied.  Many of the settings have now been moved to DxDesigner.xml and DxDesigner.wsp, but if this file existed in the past, it's preferences may still be used.