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pins authomatically added to block symbols... why?

Question asked by davide.camerano on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2011 by Gary_Lameris

In my company there is a single workstation in which, when a symbol of a hierarchical block is created, the pins In, Out and GND are always added to the symbol. On all the other workstations this does not happen.

For example I create a schematic with only a resistor inside, with two ports named A and B. When I create the block symbol and I open it in the symbol editor, then the pins A, B, In, Out and GND are created.

If I copy the project to another workstation, then doing the same operation only the pins A and B are created. Why this happens? Someone can help me?

The PC are with Windows XP and DxDesigner 7.9.1 update 5 (but we tried other updates the and situation does not change).


Davide Camerano