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are symbols edited in 9.3 backwards compatible with 2007.2 ?

Question asked by chris.halleran on Feb 11, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by Gary_Lameris

Are symbols that are edited with DxDesigner 9.3 ok for use in our library (that are still used by other designers on 2007.2 ?) Or are there things that 9.3 adds that might prevent a symbol from working in 2007.2 ?


Also, in 2007.2 you could FILE > OPEN > SYMBOL and pick a symbol from a read-only library. You'd get a warning that the block was read only, but then you could save the symbol to your project folder (perhaps with a different symbol name). Then you could edit it. Is there something similar to that in 9.3 ? I've seen how to edit symbols from writeable libraries. But if it's a read only library, I can't load the symbol. Also, it's not clear how I'd even copy a symbol (from a read-only library) and then rename and edit it, without actually placing it on schematic. Thanks