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    XRC interrupted




      I excute the xRC as below proecss.


      1)calibre -lvs -hier -hcell hcell_ABC -spice svdb/Top.sp lvs.cal | tee lvs.log

      2)calibre -xrc -pdb -c -xcell hcell_ABC -full lvs.cal | tee pdb_conly.log

      3)calibre -xrc -fmt -c -xcell hcell_ABC -full lvs.cal | tee fmt.log


      1) and 2) is OK.But 3) interrupted.


      The error message shows:


      LVHEAP MEMORY ALLOCATION FAILURE, requested 2097152 bytes

      DRC_ABORT: Cannot allocate memory



      [Hardware and Env set]

      The RAM is 40G and Swap is 80G.

              unlimit filesize

              unlimit datasize

              limit   descriptors     128

              limit   stacksize       8192


      Would you please give me a hint?

      Thanks a lot!


           Best Regards,