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    project navigator


      How do you use the project navigator to display where a net goes with a design especially across multiple pages of the schematic?  This used to be simple in 2007.2 and now I am using the pads 9.3 flow.  Thanks.

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          Hi there,


          First of all you want to make sure that the nets/buses are displayed in the Navigator. "Display nets and buses" option must be checked in the "Nets and Buses" section of the Navigator settings (Setup>Settings...). Then it becomes easy to track a net not only between the sheets of a block but also across the hierarchy. You can expand a net node and double click onto each element to cross-probe to the corresponding schematic sheet. If you choose an appropriate Selection Objects Display colour in the Settings, I recommend magenta, you'll be able to easily locate the cross-probed net.


          Does this answer your question?




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            Thank you for your reply Olivier.  I have the "display nets and buses" enabled.  If I expand a schematic sheet I can see a symbols folder and a nets folder.  If I expand the nets folder I can see all the nets located on that page.  I can also double click on any net within that schematic page and the tool will locate and highlight that net on that page but I can't seem to find the setting that will allow me to expand the net node so I can see what other pages that net might also go to,  Thanks again.

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              I think I now see what you mean although I am still not too sure of what is this version of the software you refer to, which seemed to behave differently from the way it behaves today. As far as I can tell the behaviour of the Navigator has not changed for quite a long time.

              There is no Navigator option to do what you want but there are two things you can consider to help solve your problem. First thing consists of using sheet connectors or links in the DxDesigner terminology that you can add on your schematics when the same net goes on multiple sheets of a given block. It may seem a bit of an overhead but you'll find out that these links support hyperlinks which allow switching between links with the Alt+Click key combination. Links themselves do not create connectivity but allow quick navigation between the sheets in the schematic editor as well as in the corresponding generated PDF. The connection between links is by name which is inherated from the nets they connect to.

              A second approach you may consider is filters in the Navigator. If you select a net and you choose Filter... on the Right Mouse Button, you can enter the net name and click OK to end up with the complete list of the net instances in the entire project.

              I am curious to hear what is the third approach you say we supported in this version 2007.2


              I hope it helps. Cheers. Olivier

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                2007.2 had the old Navigator, which was able to show the expanded view of nets across sheets. It is no longer available in that form. I would suggest going to the Mentor Ideas site and filing a request for Enhancement to get it into the new Navigator window in DxDesigner.




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                  Yes I was familiar with the old navigator.  Pads flow 2007.2 still had the older version of viewdraw where the design information was stored in the actual schematic page files instead of the current database form.  The filter method seemed to do the trick and accomplish what I was looking for which was to just get a quick high level view of every page in the schematic that a specific net connected to.  Thanks to everyone for their assistance.