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    Spice model Conversion


      I am working with an opamp(OPA2134) and need to convert the spice model of the opamp to a file which can be used in Hyperlynx, so that I can run some simulation on this part. Is there any software which does this ? How to deal with this ?
      I have attached the spice model for your reference. Thanks !



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          Do you want to run signal integrity simulations or analog simulations. There is a difference between HyperLynx SI/PI and HyperLynx Analog. The purpose and use model is slightly different. You can use a SPICE subcircuit in either tool, but which tool you use depends on what stimulus you need and what parameters of the results you need to measure.


          Secondly, if the model has PSPICE specific syntax, you need to run it in PSPICE. That won't work with HyperLynx SI/PI.

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            I am interested in looking at signal and power intergrities. The only models that I have are the pspice and the TINA models. Does TINA work. ?


            Is there anyway I can convert my spice model to a file type supported by pspice ?


            Thank you for the response.

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              HyperLynx SI can use Eldo or HSPICE for the SPICE simulations. Since the model in your original inquiry and TINA are both based on SPICE, they may work in one of the SPICE simulators used by HyperLynx. Then again, they may not work if they include any syntax that is specific to PSPICE or TINA.


              If you can't use your IC model in Eldo or HSPICE, then you may be able to go the other way. HyperLynx SI has the ability to export a SPICE subcircuit of the routed PCB interconnect, including traces and vias. Then you can combine this board model with your IC models and use the appropriate simulation engine that supports your IC models.


              If you need more specific help on this topic, it is appropriate to open a service request on supportnet.mentor.com so that an application engineer can work directly with you.