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    connector and jumper models




      I am going to do some simulations in the hyperlynx. There are some connectors and jumpers on the PCB board. Are there any IBIS models for them? How can I get them? 


      Any comments are greately appreciated! Thanks,


      Yihong Yang

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          The IBIS committee created a specification for connector models, but it never got popular. HyperLynx does not support this ICM syntax. Most of the connector models that you can get from connector vendors are SPICE, or maybe Touchstone S-parameters. HyperLynx can use both SPICE and Touchstone files to model connectors in a multi-board system. You need to have the multi-board license in BoardSim GHz. SupportNet (http://supportnet.mentor.com) has some good technotes and application notes about assigning these "advanced models" for connectors.

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            Thanks Weston,


            The connecter I mentioned here is the header. If I could not get the models from the vendors, is there any way for me to creat the models? What kinds of parameters that I need to know to creat a model for the connecter? Thanks,



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              If the header connector is mounted on the PCB, but the test cable is not connected, then you can probably model the connector pin with just a capacitance. This is easy to do in an IBIS model with just C_comp.

              The minimum information you need to model a connector pin is the resistance, capacitance and inductance. If the signal transmission time through the connector pin is longer than the rise-or-fall-time/6 then you should model the connector as a transmission line element, or a ladder circuit of multiple lumped elements.


              If you can get the technical specification or model of the connector, but can't see how to use the model in HyperLynx, you can open a service request on SupportNet to get help from our great team of application engineers.

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