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Update Library Training

Question asked by mulder on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by David_S

For DxDesigner and PCB Expedition there is a pososibility to follow  a 5-days basic training.

This kind of training is ment for starters who know nothing from the tool and want to start from sratch.


I am now using the tools for already a few years and didn't had any training at all.

I have learned to use the tool all at my self and that iws now a bit the problem I am suffering.

there are probable a lot of item what i could do better.

Ofcourse i could follow the 5 days traing, but i think that it is into my case abit overdone and to expensive.

The best would be a short update course of 1 or two days. ihave asked this already for a few times by our distribitor,

but it seems that there are no possibilities for such a amall update training.


I would like to know, how  other libary managers are dealing with the tool, do you are using the tools wothout a good traing and

are maybe dealing with the same kind of problems.


I woulld also like to know if there's some one who knows the libray tools very wel

and would like to share his experiences with other library managers.

And maybe also willing to give asmall update course.


if you like, everyone may respocse directly to me,


Wtith regards,  Eim