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Pin vs. die probe locations?

Question asked by adam.dixon on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by weston_beal

I am simulating a bus with IBIS models, none of which have the Timing_location keyword.  The HL8.0 Help file indicates that pin-location is selected if the Timing_location keyword is not present.  Simulation results are dramatically different between the pin and die locations.  My models have what look like realistic values for package parastics (R_pkg, C_pkg and L_pkg) and pad capacitance (C_comp) parameters.


Under what cases is pin location recommended versus die?  Strictly when trying to correlate simulations with physical probing?  In this case, pin-level probing has gross (unacceptable) non-monotonicity compared to die-level probing for a simple point-to-point topology.  I'd like to better understand in advance of physical prototyping.  Thanks very much!