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Link between Dxdesigner and DxDatabook

Question asked by f.legras on Feb 25, 2011
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We works with DxDesigner and Expedition Flows. We made our components database (in SQL langage) and we use DxDatabook to use this database in DxDesigner.



We have some troubles, we just begin a new projet and after my colleague have finished design the schematic, i began to modify some components properties in my database. (like Value, Current rating, Description and so on,..)


After these modifications, we realized that no options allows us to modify this property for placed component (in local library) !!! Nothing links my database to component in my schematic !!



Of course we have a little option in dxdatabook that allow user to push all the properties in a placed component (if symbol matched). But the risk of error is very huge with this features and not efficiency...



Can we synchronized DxDatabook (so my database) and DxDesigner with an ID or something like that ?



are we alone find it strange?



Best regards,


François Legras