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    Losing Functionality in Layout with DXDesigner Link open (9.2.1)


      I need advice from one of the Dx Design Gurus:


      I can perform a dozen or so operations with the link open when suddenly I lose my hotkeys for Move and Rotate in Layout. This is frustrating while doing placement. I can RMB, but the Move and Rotate commands are grayed out as well. I have tried closing the link, but the functions don't back. I have tried to go into Setup> Customize> and reset everything, but that doesn't work. The only way to get the functions back is to save out, close Layout, and re-open. Then all the functions come back.

      This problem is slowing me way down! Help!! Please?




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          OK. I found a bug that is not logged as a defect. To duplicate the problem, open the DxDesigner Link in PADS Layout. Select a pin in DxD. Then select a component in Layout. RMB. Move and Rotate will both be grayed out, and CTRL+E and CTRL+R don't work either. You need to exit Layout and come back in to reset these options. I hope it gets fixed eventually. This one makes it tough to place decoupling caps on components that have multiple power pins tied to the same net. The guys at Mentor were great in helping me find the steps that cause the problem.