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Expedition Enterprise Flow 7.9.1 shortcut key & keyins

Question asked by eng.same.tan on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by eng.same.tan


Currently I am looking a way to modify/change for the keyins commands as my shorcut keys to speed up during design progress.


For example,

I would like to use the number pad which mean when I press "5" on numpad, then it will show up layer 5 with our own setting visible layers.


And is that possible we load our own script and run on our command?

Like I want to turn on layer soldermask, then I just type something like: "smto" and ENTER (smto = SolderMaskTopOn)...etc

How do I load my own script to overwrite the existing command/script?


Appreciate if someone can show me the way, thank you very much.