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    off page symbols


      Hi Group,


      I'm using Pads Logic 9.1.


      I started with two schematics:

      (1) a 15 sheet schematic which was converted from Orcad to Pads

      (2) a 6 sheet schematic which I created in Pads


      I took the 15 sheet schematic (1) and added 6 blank sheets. I copy/pasted the 6 sheet (2) into the 6 blank sheets of (1), making a 21 sheet schematic (3), which consists of (2) tacked on to the end of (1).

      If I go back and load (1) by itself and try to make an off page connector, I have a choice of IN, OUT, or BI-DIRECTIONAL.

      If I go back and load (2) by itself and try to make an off page connector, I have a choice of IN, OUT, or BI-DIRECTIONAL.


      The problem is with the combined schematic (3). On the first 15 sheets of (3) I can make an off page with IN, OUT, or BI-DIRECTIONAL. On the last 6 sheets of (3), I can only choose between IN and OUT. There is no BI-DIRECTIONAL. If I add extra blank sheets and begin to create a schematic, I can use IN, OUT, or BI-DIRECTIONAL. So it's only on sheets 16 - 21 that I'm having this off page problem. Can anyone offer any advice on this?




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          That sounds really odd.  The off page symbols are defined in your libraries, so they are the same for all sheets.


          I suggest and ASCII out folllowed by ASCII in; that may report a problem to clean up or fix everything in one shot.


          John D

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            Thanks John D,

            I did the ascii thing. The file loaded back in clean, but the off page problem is still there. I clicked on Tools/Part Editor and opened the off page symbols. They are all there. I also copied a bi-directional symbol from page 5 and pasted it into page 18. It pasted in as an "in" arrow, not the original bi-directional. The only symbols I can use on sheets 16-21 are the rectangular box, like the $OSR_SYMS, in the "common" library. The ones I'd like to use are ones I made up. They look like  ------>>  and  ------<<  and  <<--->>. I can see these when I open up the part editor, but I can't access them when I make an off page connection.



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              Try going to the library manager and exporting one of the standard off sheet symbols, and then export your custom symbol.  You might find a parameter missing that is causing the issue.


              If you start a new schematic can you get to your custom symbols?  I'm wondering if they are in the schematic but not in the library.


              Past that I'd open an SR because this seems pretty odd.

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                Is this PADS Logic or DxDesigner?

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                  I'm using Logic ver 9.1.


                  John D,

                  Thanks. I'll try your suggestions. It'll be later today, though. Other projects are calling........



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                    Was this resolved? I have a similar problem. On  only one sheet of my schematic, I cannot add any connectors other than a ground symbol. ALT-SPACE gives me the same thing as CTRL-SPACE. And CTRL-TAB doesn't change the symbol.

                    I have tried ascii - out and - in, same thing. I tried moving the sheets around, and it's the same sheet with the problem.

                    Let me know if you have any ideas. I am probably going to try to make a new sheet, then cut / paste this page and see.

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                      Sorry - mine was my fault.

                      I was tring to connect to a net that was ground (I didn't see where it was grounded). So it only gave me the same ground symbol.

                      But - maybe that will help someone else. I wonder if you could have a net named "GND" (but no ground symbol), and then you couldn't make any other off-page connection to it?