How to execute a script using a shortcut (keyboard or mouse, Pads 9.2 Logic & Layout)

Discussion created by rtennill on Mar 14, 2011
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I have noticed once or twice people asking how to make macros or use shortcuts to run scripts. I thought that I would write up my experience with creating macros and shortcuts to run scripts so that it is easily referenced when someone needs to find this kind of information.


1. Tools -> Basic Scripts and use the "load File..." dialog to get your script to show up on the list.

2. Select your script and then check the "In Menu" checkbox. This  checkbox will make your script show up under Tools -> Basic Scripts  along with the editor.

3. Create a new macro Tools -> Macros -> new macro.

4. To make the keyboard shortcut for your macro first open the  "Customize" window (Tools-> Customize) then click on the Macro Files  tab.

5. Click the dotted box with a yellow star on it next to the red "X" to open a dialog for loading your macro.

6. Browse to wherever you saved your macro and hit ok. Your macro should now show up in the box "Macro Command Files:".


7. In the Customize window, switch over to the  Keyboard and Mouse tab. Double click on the Macros folder. You should  see your macro's name under the Macros folder.

8. Next click on the dotted box for  the "Current Shortcuts" box. Assign whatever shortcut you wish. If there  is a conflict it should also show up in the scrollbox on the right.

9. Once you are satisfied with your shortcut click ok and you should now see the shortcut listed in the current shortcuts box.


Close the customize window and take your macro for a test drive!


This was a fairly quick description so comments are welcome to clarify the process so that everyone can benefit.