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    DxDesigner and Windows 7 64-bit



      I'm running an older version of DxDesigner (v8.2.1, build 2003.168.1) on Windows XP and I'm migrating to Windows 7 x64. Does anyone know if this version will run on my Win7 64-bit system? If not, will it run under the "Windows XP compatible" mode in Windows 7? The "Windows XP compatible" mode is basically MS Virtual PC running a WinXP image.


      Thanks for any help




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          win7 does pretty good job of emulating xp environment to older applications


          i am running pads2007.2 natively on win7 (several seats...)


          first disable win 7  uac   not to bother you with privileges and screw up install.....


          trick is to run msi_setup.exe (find correct file as this is for pads!) directly  (this runs actual install) and not autorun.exe or setup.exe!


          (plus set Win xp SP3 compatibility on this exe)


          and you cannot set compatibility if install files are not on your computer



          VM option works, but probably you will not be satisfied with the speed...




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            the support for Windows7 64 Bit starts in the EE flow beginning with Release  EE7.9 .


            kind regards,


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              of course it is not supported,

              but as you see in pads2007.2 example,

              it works


              support for vista comes in pads2007.3,

              and win7 is considered very similar to vista

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                Hi Andreas,

                I can do without the support, questions is will the software run (unless that's what you meant).




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                  I meant it can be that the SW looks lieke to be running OK, but in reality qou get

                  crashes for unknown reasons or some automation code will not work.


                  As an example, we tried to run 2007.7 update 4 on a XP64 bit (OS was not supported by Mnetor in thios release)

                  and we sometimes struggled with our automation.


                  I think you will have to do your testing yourself on a dedicated test machine first.




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                    We use EE2005.3 under Windows 7 32-bit, 64-bit or on inside a VirtualBox emulating Windows XP SP3 without any problems.

                    Only thing that makes troubles is running the configurator. Some DLLs are not available under Windows 7 especially the registry for the DLLs deliver a failure.


                    After the first installation we commeted the DLLs out inside the env.ini file.


                    No problems until now ....


                    Best regards



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                      you can try to install higher version beside your working version,

                      so much newer that vista or seven is supported.


                      on mentor installation, configurator is installed in separated folder.


                      i've installed 2007.2 pads and 9.3 pads,
                      last install, pads9.3 also instaled latest configurator for me,

                      so i can switch 2007.2 / 9.3 and also configurator honors what i want of him in config file.


                      pads2007.2 own configurator is just screwin up settings and saying it is running on unknown system, regardless of what i put in its ini file,

                      while 9.3's configurator does its work perfectly.

                      so i switch to 2007.2 and everything is correctly set up, including license, wdir and all registered dll's


                      i like it much better this way, becouse i can run configurator for whatever reason and i know exactly what it will do


                      This concept is the same for EE instalations.


                      CFGR_INI is user variable that points to file where configuration for configurator is.


                      ------- mycfgr.ini contents ------


                      MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=xxxx@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ; xxxx@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx



                      just put what you normally have in WDIR= line and you'll be fine...




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                        I've testing EE7.9 under windows 7 64bit and it's works without blue screens. For other tests I use it on my vmware with windows xp and xp64 and it works. I'm testing DesignCapture on my win7 64bit host because our old project are on designcapture. Designcapture is working without trouble. I think the big problem is the installer of the old programms. Most installer of old programms doesn't start under 64bit.




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                          they do start if....


                          for pads you have:





                          on winxp you can run autorun or setup which then invoke msi_setup.exe...



                          on win7 / 64 you need to turn off uac first, reboot, then

                          start exactly msi_setup.exe, and installation needs to be in local directory (i.e. not on a shared drive!)

                          and you need to go to properties of this file and set up compatibility to "win xp sp3" click apply and then start this installer.


                          then magic takes place in form of working pads2007 installation

                          (then we came to the part about of which version of configurator is used, i've mentioned in previous post)