ASCII vs. Neutral Formats for 3rd party apps?

Discussion created by chris.smith on Mar 16, 2011
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In regards to ASCII output & 3rd party tools,


ODB++ is not a perfect answer for other parties to interface or import results from an Expedition Project. What direction is Mentor moving

to be able to compliment and/or partner with other toolsets?


Is there a plan for any other or newer neutral format?



CST PCB Studio


For Engineering internally we need unencrypted ascii out for the CST PCB field solvers.  It doesn't accept  ODB++, so the only option for Expedition layouts is ASCII.  It is also necessary  to remove CES constraints, since CST will only read in net names from the old  net classes/props ascii file. The CST field solvers are 3D, allowing us to do  some additional analysis beyond what is possible in Hyperlynx.  We've also found  it is beneficial to compare the output from multiple field solver types to help  verify the accuracy of our models.


Doctar (Netlist & Layout Compare)


Uses HKPs for comparison of detailed differences on projects and XLS and HTML reports. more information that smart utilities can offer.


·         Pins: added, deleted or moved to a new x/y location, renamed, renumbered

·         Connectivity Changes :Changes per device sorted by netname and ref des.

·         Components: added, deleted, rotated, renamed or moved to a new x/y location, values and tolerances changed

·         Etch Lengths: etch length changes sorted from longest to shortest

·         Test points: added, deleted or moved to a new x/y location, assigned to new net, multiple test points on a net, single pin nets, test points too close to a deleted probe location

·         BOMs: new, changed and retired components reported by RefDes, part number and quantity