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    PADS V9.1 ASC File Import


      As I remember, with earlier versions, I can always import an asc file generated as layout netlist to an existing design. Or in other words, I can add something to an existing design through import function. But with PADS V9.1, it will generate an error message each time when I try to import something: "Fatal Database Error Number 2012, Invalid Database Object Type. Please read the online help topic. Recovering from database problems". The the program will crash.


      I could not find any information on Error Number 2012. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? PADS 9.1 works on earlier files with this import function.


      Thanks in advanced

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          Last time something like this popped up I opened a SR and let Mentor figure it out; they can do it fairly quickly.


          If you want to figure it out yourself, I recommend starting to uncheck some  options when you export so you can determine what works and what doesn't.  This will narrow down what parts of the ASC file that you will need to dig through.

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              Try exporting everything except uncheck the CAM box. I think there's a conflict with importing into another layout when there are conflicts in the CAM docs. Let me know if this is the problem, please.


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