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Design Rule Setup 2

Question asked by jzsori on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by jzsori

OK - so here is part 2 of my earlier question/issue.  I still think either I am missing something or something is not working right.  I have a design that needs 40 mil clear between certain nets in order to pass hi-pot isolation requirements.  I have always thought that conditional rules were pretty much at the top of the hierarchy and took precedence over anything else.  So I set a conditional rule of 40 mil clear between class VIN and net GND_SIGNAL as shown in Conditional1.jpg.  It also shows the resultant copper pour on layer 2.  Not the clearance I want/was expecting.  Conditional2 is almost the same thing except the "remove unused pads" box is unchecked.  Now I get the clearances I need.  Seems to me with 40 mil clearance specified in all the "drill" boxes it should not matter whether I remove unused pads or not.  What am I missing or doing wrong?