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Discussion created by kenneth_tan on Mar 23, 2011
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Dear All,



I am using the calibre Interactive DRC - V2007.4_14.15.


In the Calibre Interactive - nmDRC forms, Inputs->File - ABC.gds


Format = GDSII


Export from layout viewer clicked.


Does that means I have to manually create GDS file - from Cadence -export - stream ?


I thought by clicking 'export from layout viewer' will generate gds file?


if not, what are other alternative to avoid manually create gds?

Are there any setting in the rule deck can allow calibre to create gds for me?\


Extra note:


1.I have the 'export from layout' clicked, thats what I would think the tool will generate gds for me, apparently it is not, when I click Rundrc in the Calibre DRC form,
it still say 'cant find .gds file'


2.Exporting from cadence virtuose is a great option, but I would like to save that step which I would think the 'export from layout' option would do that for me.


3.I also have the Calibre ->set up drc -> put in all the path, map file , and nothing seem happenned.

4. I do get this message say -"could no connect to socket 9189 : viewer is not running/socket is not active"??


However I have already set "setup layout viewer - put in host name and socket, and it say 'connected' "


On top of that I have done 'set MGC_CALIBRE_LAYOUT_SERVER dalcad02:9189' in my .cshrc



Thanks and looking forward for your help!



Kenneth Tan