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"Open_sink" IBIS model with Hyperlynx8.0

Question asked by naftali.refaeli on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by weston_beal

Does anybody know of a problem while using "Open_sink" IBIS model like the one listed below?

I found that Hyperlynx V8.0 does not toggle the output of this model, but Hyp8.1 works fine.


[Model]  RDY

Model_type Open_sink

Vmeas =  1.5000V

Cref =   30.0000pF

C_comp    2.0000pF          2.0000pF            2.0000pF



[Temperature Range]   25.0000           85.0000             -40.0000

[Pullup Reference]        3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

[Pulldown Reference]        0.0V              0.0V                0.0V

[POWER Clamp Reference]        3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

[GND Clamp Reference]        0.0V              0.0V                0.0V


|Voltage   I(typ)              I(min)              I(max)


  -3.00    -81.0000mA        -80.6500mA          -80.4800mA

  -2.90    -77.7800mA        -77.5200mA          -77.1900mA

  -2.80    -74.5600mA        -74.3900mA          -73.9100mA

  -2.70    -71.3400mA        -71.2700mA          -70.6200mA

  -2.60    -68.1300mA        -68.1400mA          -67.3400mA

  -2.50    -64.9100mA        -65.0200mA          -64.0600mA

  -2.40    -61.7000mA        -61.9000mA          -60.7700mA

  -2.30    -58.4800mA        -58.7800mA          -57.5000mA

  -2.20    -55.2700mA        -55.6600mA          -54.2200mA

  -2.10    -52.0600mA        -52.5400mA          -50.9400mA

  -2.00    -48.8600mA        -49.4300mA          -47.6700mA

  -1.90    -45.6500mA        -46.3200mA          -44.4100mA

  -1.80    -42.4500mA        -43.2100mA          -41.1400mA

  -1.70    -39.2600mA        -40.1100mA          -37.8800mA

  -1.60    -36.0700mA        -37.0100mA          -34.6400mA

  -1.50    -32.8900mA        -33.9200mA          -31.4000mA

  -1.40    -29.7100mA        -30.8400mA          -28.1700mA

  -1.30    -26.5500mA        -27.7700mA          -24.9600mA

  -1.20    -23.4100mA        -24.7100mA          -21.7900mA

  -1.10    -20.2900mA        -21.6700mA          -18.6600mA

  -1.00    -17.2000mA        -18.6500mA          -15.6100mA

  -0.90    -14.1800mA        -15.6700mA          -12.6800mA

  -0.80    -11.2700mA        -12.7500mA          -9.9870mA

  -0.70    -8.6110mA         -9.9470mA           -8.0460mA

  -0.60    -6.5580mA         -7.3780mA           -6.7450mA

  -0.50    -5.3160mA         -5.3050mA           -5.5790mA

  -0.40    -4.2470mA         -3.9680mA           -4.4610mA

  -0.30    -3.1880mA         -2.9580mA           -3.3500mA

  -0.20    -2.1310mA         -1.9750mA           -2.2400mA

  -0.10    -1.0730mA         -0.9943mA           -1.1290mA

  0.00    -14.8500uA        -13.3600uA          -17.8300uA

  0.10    1.0430mA          0.9662mA            1.0930mA

  0.20    2.0990mA          1.9430mA            2.2040mA

  0.30    3.1540mA          2.9170mA            3.3130mA

  0.40    4.2070mA          3.8890mA            4.4220mA

  0.50    5.2590mA          4.8570mA            5.5310mA

  0.60    6.3100mA          5.8220mA            6.6380mA

  0.70    7.3590mA          6.7850mA            7.7450mA

  0.80    8.4060mA          7.7430mA            8.8520mA

  0.90    9.4520mA          8.6990mA            9.9570mA

  1.00    10.5000mA         9.6500mA            11.0600mA

  1.10    11.5400mA         10.6000mA           12.1700mA

  1.20    12.5800mA         11.5400mA           13.2700mA

  1.30    13.6200mA         12.4800mA           14.3700mA

  1.40    14.6500mA         13.4200mA           15.4700mA

  1.50    15.6900mA         14.3500mA           16.5800mA

  1.60    16.7200mA         15.2700mA           17.6800mA

  1.70    17.7500mA         16.1900mA           18.7800mA

  1.80    18.7800mA         17.1100mA           19.8700mA

  1.90    19.8100mA         18.0200mA           20.9700mA

  2.00    20.8300mA         18.9200mA           22.0700mA

  2.10    21.8500mA         19.8200mA           23.1600mA

  2.20    22.8700mA         20.7100mA           24.2600mA

  2.30    23.8900mA         21.5900mA           25.3500mA

  2.40    24.9100mA         22.4700mA           26.4500mA

  2.50    25.9200mA         23.3400mA           27.5400mA

  2.60    26.9300mA         24.1900mA           28.6300mA

  2.70    27.9300mA         25.0400mA           29.7200mA

  2.80    28.9400mA         25.8800mA           30.8100mA

  2.90    29.9400mA         26.7000mA           31.9000mA

  3.00    30.9400mA         27.5100mA           32.9900mA

  3.10    31.9300mA         28.3100mA           34.0800mA

  3.20    32.9200mA         29.1500mA           35.1600mA

  3.30    33.9100mA         30.4600mA           36.2500mA

  3.40    34.8900mA         32.5200mA           37.3300mA

  3.50    35.8700mA         35.3300mA           38.4100mA

  3.60    36.8900mA         38.9100mA           39.4900mA

  3.70    38.4000mA         43.0000mA           40.5700mA

  3.80    41.0000mA         47.3400mA           41.6500mA

  3.90    44.4100mA         51.8100mA           42.7300mA

  4.00    48.5200mA         56.3300mA           43.8100mA

  4.10    53.1100mA         60.8600mA           44.8800mA

  4.20    57.9600mA         65.3700mA           46.0000mA

  4.30    62.9800mA         69.8700mA           47.3900mA

  4.40    68.0800mA         74.3600mA           49.3300mA

  4.50    73.2400mA         78.8400mA           52.3900mA

  4.60    78.4500mA         83.3100mA           56.1100mA

  4.70    83.6800mA         87.7700mA           60.3600mA

  4.80    88.9300mA         92.2300mA           65.0900mA

  4.90    94.1900mA         96.6800mA           70.1300mA

  5.00    99.4600mA         0.1011A             75.3400mA

  5.10    0.1047A           0.1056A             80.6600mA

  5.20    0.1100A           0.1101A             86.0400mA

  5.30    0.1153A           0.1145A             91.4600mA

  5.40    0.1205A           0.1190A             96.9100mA

  5.50    0.1257A           0.1234A             0.1024A

  5.60    0.1310A           0.1279A             0.1079A

  5.70    0.1361A           0.1324A             0.1134A

  5.80    0.1413A           0.1368A             0.1189A

  5.90    0.1464A           0.1413A             0.1244A

  6.00    0.1514A           0.1458A             0.1300A



| variable       typ                 min                 max

dV/dt_r  0.6168/2.6341n      0.5220/2.6333n      0.7680/2.6096n

dV/dt_f  0.6162/2.3263n      0.5214/3.2520n      0.7674/1.8775n

R_load = 50.0000


[Rising Waveform]

R_fixture= 50.0000

V_fixture= 3.0000

V_fixture_min= 2.7000

V_fixture_max= 3.6000

|time     V(typ)              V(min)              V(max)


0.0S              1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

0.25nS            1.9710V           1.8290V             2.3200V

0.51nS            1.9810V           1.8320V             2.3510V

0.76nS            2.0670V           1.8840V             2.4950V

1.01nS            2.1940V           1.9820V             2.6470V

1.26nS            2.2950V           2.0790V             2.7650V

1.52nS            2.3830V           2.1550V             2.8710V

1.77nS            2.4590V           2.2230V             2.9600V

2.02nS            2.5250V           2.2820V             3.0380V

2.27nS            2.5850V           2.3310V             3.1100V

2.53nS            2.6330V           2.3770V             3.1680V

2.78nS            2.6800V           2.4170V             3.2220V

3.03nS            2.7180V           2.4510V             3.2680V

3.28nS            2.7540V           2.4810V             3.3100V

3.54nS            2.7830V           2.5070V             3.3450V

3.79nS            2.8110V           2.5320V             3.3770V

4.04nS            2.8330V           2.5510V             3.4040V

4.29nS            2.8540V           2.5700V             3.4280V

4.55nS            2.8710V           2.5850V             3.4490V

4.80nS            2.8880V           2.6000V             3.4680V

5.05nS            2.9010V           2.6120V             3.4840V

5.30nS            2.9130V           2.6230V             3.4980V

5.56nS            2.9230V           2.6320V             3.5100V

5.81nS            2.9330V           2.6400V             3.5210V

6.06nS            2.9410V           2.6470V             3.5310V

6.31nS            2.9480V           2.6540V             3.5390V

6.57nS            2.9540V           2.6590V             3.5470V

6.82nS            2.9600V           2.6640V             3.5530V

7.07nS            2.9640V           2.6680V             3.5590V

7.32nS            2.9690V           2.6720V             3.5640V

7.58nS            2.9720V           2.6750V             3.5680V

7.83nS            2.9760V           2.6780V             3.5720V

8.08nS            2.9790V           2.6810V             3.5750V

8.33nS            2.9810V           2.6830V             3.5780V

8.59nS            2.9830V           2.6850V             3.5810V

8.84nS            2.9850V           2.6870V             3.5830V

9.09nS            2.9870V           2.6880V             3.5850V

9.34nS            2.9890V           2.6900V             3.5870V

9.60nS            2.9900V           2.6910V             3.5880V

9.85nS            2.9910V           2.6920V             3.5900V

10.10nS           2.9920V           2.6930V             3.5910V

10.35nS           2.9930V           2.6940V             3.5920V

10.61nS           2.9940V           2.6940V             3.5930V

10.86nS           2.9940V           2.6950V             3.5940V

11.11nS           2.9950V           2.6960V             3.5940V

11.36nS           2.9960V           2.6960V             3.5950V

11.62nS           2.9960V           2.6960V             3.5950V

11.87nS           2.9960V           2.6970V             3.5960V

12.12nS           2.9970V           2.6970V             3.5960V

12.37nS           2.9970V           2.6975V             3.5970V

12.63nS           2.9980V           2.6980V             3.5970V

12.88nS           2.9980V           2.6980V             3.5980V

13.13nS           2.9980V           2.6980V             3.5980V

13.38nS           2.9980V           2.6980V             3.5980V

13.64nS           2.9980V           2.6990V             3.5980V

13.89nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5980V

14.14nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

14.39nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

14.65nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

14.90nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

15.15nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

15.40nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

15.66nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

15.91nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

16.16nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

16.41nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

16.67nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

16.92nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

17.17nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

17.42nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

17.68nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

17.93nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

18.18nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

18.43nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

18.69nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

18.94nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

19.19nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

19.44nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

19.70nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

19.95nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

20.20nS           2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

20.45nS           2.9990V           2.7000V             3.5990V

20.71nS           2.9990V           2.7000V             3.5990V

20.96nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.5990V

21.21nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.5990V

21.46nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.5990V

21.72nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

21.97nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

22.22nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

22.47nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

22.73nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

22.98nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

23.23nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

23.48nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

23.74nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

23.99nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

24.24nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

24.49nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

24.75nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V

25.00nS           3.0000V           2.7000V             3.6000V


[Falling Waveform]

R_fixture= 50.0000

V_fixture= 3.0000

V_fixture_min= 2.7000

V_fixture_max= 3.6000

|time     V(typ)              V(min)              V(max)


0.0S              2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

0.25nS            2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

0.51nS            2.9990V           2.6990V             3.5990V

0.76nS            2.9990V           2.6990V             3.6000V

1.01nS            3.0000V           2.6990V             3.5880V

1.26nS            3.0000V           2.7000V             3.5480V

1.52nS            2.9990V           2.7000V             3.4530V

1.77nS            2.9870V           2.7000V             3.3510V

2.02nS            2.9760V           2.7000V             3.2150V

2.27nS            2.9410V           2.7000V             3.0740V

2.53nS            2.9050V           2.6980V             2.9510V

2.78nS            2.8460V           2.6950V             2.8310V

3.03nS            2.7860V           2.6870V             2.7460V

3.28nS            2.7090V           2.6780V             2.6650V

3.54nS            2.6320V           2.6610V             2.6070V

3.79nS            2.5490V           2.6420V             2.5520V

4.04nS            2.4670V           2.6160V             2.5130V

4.29nS            2.3960V           2.5880V             2.4750V

4.55nS            2.3250V           2.5540V             2.4490V

4.80nS            2.2730V           2.5180V             2.4240V

5.05nS            2.2210V           2.4770V             2.4060V

5.30nS            2.1840V           2.4360V             2.3890V

5.56nS            2.1470V           2.3910V             2.3780V

5.81nS            2.1210V           2.3460V             2.3670V

6.06nS            2.0950V           2.3000V             2.3590V

6.31nS            2.0770V           2.2540V             2.3510V

6.57nS            2.0580V           2.2090V             2.3460V

6.82nS            2.0450V           2.1650V             2.3410V

7.07nS            2.0330V           2.1250V             2.3370V

7.32nS            2.0240V           2.0870V             2.3340V

7.58nS            2.0150V           2.0550V             2.3320V

7.83nS            2.0080V           2.0240V             2.3300V

8.08nS            2.0020V           1.9990V             2.3280V

8.33nS            1.9980V           1.9760V             2.3260V

8.59nS            1.9930V           1.9570V             2.3250V

8.84nS            1.9900V           1.9400V             2.3240V

9.09nS            1.9870V           1.9260V             2.3240V

9.34nS            1.9850V           1.9130V             2.3230V

9.60nS            1.9830V           1.9020V             2.3230V

9.85nS            1.9810V           1.8920V             2.3220V

10.10nS           1.9800V           1.8850V             2.3220V

10.35nS           1.9780V           1.8770V             2.3220V

10.61nS           1.9770V           1.8720V             2.3210V

10.86nS           1.9770V           1.8660V             2.3210V

11.11nS           1.9760V           1.8620V             2.3210V

11.36nS           1.9750V           1.8580V             2.3210V

11.62nS           1.9750V           1.8550V             2.3210V

11.87nS           1.9740V           1.8510V             2.3210V

12.12nS           1.9740V           1.8490V             2.3210V

12.37nS           1.9735V           1.8460V             2.3210V

12.63nS           1.9730V           1.8430V             2.3200V

12.88nS           1.9730V           1.8420V             2.3200V

13.13nS           1.9730V           1.8400V             2.3200V

13.38nS           1.9730V           1.8390V             2.3200V

13.64nS           1.9730V           1.8380V             2.3200V

13.89nS           1.9720V           1.8370V             2.3200V

14.14nS           1.9720V           1.8360V             2.3200V

14.39nS           1.9720V           1.8360V             2.3200V

14.65nS           1.9720V           1.8350V             2.3200V

14.90nS           1.9720V           1.8340V             2.3200V

15.15nS           1.9720V           1.8340V             2.3200V

15.40nS           1.9720V           1.8340V             2.3200V

15.66nS           1.9720V           1.8330V             2.3200V

15.91nS           1.9720V           1.8330V             2.3200V

16.16nS           1.9720V           1.8330V             2.3200V

16.41nS           1.9720V           1.8320V             2.3200V

16.67nS           1.9720V           1.8320V             2.3200V

16.92nS           1.9720V           1.8320V             2.3200V

17.17nS           1.9720V           1.8320V             2.3200V

17.42nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

17.68nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

17.93nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

18.18nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

18.43nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

18.69nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

18.94nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

19.19nS           1.9720V           1.8310V             2.3200V

19.44nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

19.70nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

19.95nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

20.20nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

20.45nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

20.71nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

20.96nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

21.21nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

21.46nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

21.72nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

21.97nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

22.22nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

22.47nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

22.73nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

22.98nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

23.23nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

23.48nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

23.74nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

23.99nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

24.24nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

24.49nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

24.75nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V

25.00nS           1.9720V           1.8300V             2.3200V