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    Wire List


      Good Afternoon,

      I am having issues with the wire length calculations on my wire list. I have ensured in the project settings that all of my length add-on values are set to "0" as our application does not currently require this feature. I have also ensured that none of my terminals or splice part numbers specify length adjustments.

      I am un-sure why VeSys is still not adding up the lengths in my harness stick print correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have included two screen shots.. one of the wire list and one of the stick print for example. Please see wire 101 that runs between Eng Neg Term 2 and Splice A. I add up 40. VeSys is telling me 50.


      stick print.gifwire list.gif






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          Hello Mike

          I have observed in your design that wire is passing through 3 junction nodes, so if there is some  Junction node addon value set in project preferences then it will add that value 3 times to wire length. This means in design attached  Total wire length = Total bundle length + 3* Add on per Junction

          Please check if some value is set for parameter "Add-on per Junction" in project preferences. If it is set to non zero value then please set it to 0 and then calculate length. Now i believe you will get wire length as per your expectations.


          Thanks and Regards


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            Thank you for your response...


            I have verified the Add-On value for junctions is set to zero.

            I then go recalculate wire lengths (CNTRL+ALT+L) and still get 50 listed in my wire list.

            Any possibility something needs to be refreshed for the zero value to be counted.


            I have gone to File- Refresh - Refresh All with no success.





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              Hi Mike

              I think if project preferences is not the issue then we need to check Customer details in Capital lIbrary. Just before that i like to confirm if Splice used in design have a part number assigned to it and that also with 0 add on value. In case splice is without part number then in Project preferences first set Default splice strip length to 0 and then run calculation again. If now also there is no change in calculated length then check as below


              You please edit your design and check to which customer that design belongs to.

              Lets say it belongs to cutomer A.

              Open Capital library and double click on Customer folder. In  Customer UI select the customer A . At bottom of UI, set Rounding Method to Default. Now refresh library parts in XC and rerun calculation (CNTRL+ALT+L). I hope now result is as per your expectations.


              Thanks & Regards


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                Wire length calculation is also based on what's happening at each connector.


                Check the datum positions of the connectors.  With a Front Datum the connector's knock-off value (Base tab in Library) is subtracted from the wire length.  Back datum adds the add-on value.  Tip datum uses knock-off value from the terminal's library definition