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Cannot assign a thermal pad to Padstack?

Question asked by Joey on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2011 by Satoru

In the padstacks editor GUI, I can associate the thermal pad “TH121x146_10_15B” to Padstacks “PAD45_80OB20DPST” manually, and can save the database successfully.

Now I want to assign the thermal pad “TH121x146_10_15B” to Padstacks “PAD45_80OB20DPST” using Automation script.



But I always get the error information: "The Plane Thermal is invalid. Only Thermal Pad types can be assigned as a Plane Thermal Pad"



I attached the test library and my script. I don’t know how to fix that error. Please help.


‘==========================VBS Script Start====================================

Option Explicit


On Error Resume Next


'Load Automation Libraries

Scripting.AddTypeLibrary( "LibraryManager.LibraryManagerApp" )

Scripting.AddTypeLibrary( "MGCPCBLibraries.PadstackEditorDlg") 


Dim app 

Dim libObj

Dim objPadstackEd, objPadEdDB

Dim objThermalPad, objPadstack


Set app = GetObject(, "LibraryManager.Application")

Set libObj = app.ActiveLibrary

Set objPadstackEd = libObj.PadstackEditor

Set objPadEdDB = objPadstackEd.ActiveDatabase


Set objThermalPad=objPadEdDB.FindPad("TH121x146_10_15B")

Set objPadstack = objPadEdDB.FindPadstack("PAD45_80OB20DPST")


Set objPadstack.Pad(epsdbPadLayerPlaneThermal) = objThermalPad 'epsdbPadLayerPlaneThermal 

If (Err) Then

         msgbox  err.description

End If


Set objPadEdDB = Nothing


Set objPadstackEd = Nothing

Set libObj=Nothing


‘==========================VBS Script End====================================