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    Match Properties in VeSys Harness



      I was wondering if anyone has been successful at using the 'Match Properties' for changing multiple wires in VeSys Harness.  I've seen this work quite well in VeSys Design... but we have a unique situation where we were looking to change 300 wires in the harness (it is a tester and did not use a schematic to be created) and I receive an error "Source entity must be a VeSys Pin, Wire or Component".



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          Sorry for the delayed response, I have been out of the office for a couple of days.  The "VeSys Match Properties" action appears under "Design Tools" because it is only available for VeSys Design and is therefore not available for VeSys Harness.  If you are working with VeSys Design then you could change the wire details there, then re-sync with your harness.