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      I have a device (blower motor) which comes from the vendor with a connector installed on it. I would like to add a harness connector to this device so that it can be automatically loaded into the design. I added a footprint for this and associated a connector part number to the pins of the device and all is well. However the connector name does not get automatically loaded when the harness connectors are generated for the device. Shouldnt B1A be my connector name with the way I have this set-up instead of defaulting to P71?


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          Hi Mike,


          "Harness Connectors" have their name defined by the schematic tool.  If you define a "Device Connector" (within the library footprint definition) then you will keep the same connector name - however the device connector will be represented inside the symbol graphic (which you may not want to see - therefore you will need to define this as hidden within styling).