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    Needed help with Calibre Workbench and polysilicon layer


      Hello all,

      I am new to Calibre Workbench and needed some help with Litho sim for polysilicon layer. I load the optical models ( I use NCSU EDA files) and the layout consisting of polysilicon patterns which I need to simulate. I am not able to get the printed patterns. I tried changing the grid size in the setup to no effect. Any suggestions or link to available tutorials in this regard would be helpful,

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          Hi Patil-


          I'm not sure which version you are using, nor exactly which tool you want to use for Litho simulation.  The WORKbench GUI has moved a number of things around over the last two years; and the instructions for doing a Litho simulation using miniOPC, dense OPC, and my venue, sparse OPC all have different requirements.


          A good place to start, if you are on a newer version, would be the "Quick Start to Calibre Tools" (calbr_quickstart.pdf) in the doc package.  It walks through the basics of the most commonly used tools. It went public only a year or year and a half ago. If you are on an older version, you can download it from SupportNet; even with the GUI changes, it may help locate the missing step.


          If you happen to be using sparse OPC (OPCpro), my predecessor wrote a walkthrough that is available in the Calibre OPCpro User's Guide (calbr_opcpro_user.pdf). It runs in batch mode and uses WORKbench to look at results, if I recall correctly.


          Also, your local Mentor AE or TME should be able to arrange for training for the particular combination of tools and version that you are using -- it should get you up to speed much more quickly than our generic instructions using older technology.