unmapped objects calibre DRC

Discussion created by sduncan on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by javad

Hi guys, i'm new to calibre & having just run DRC i have a load of these types of warnings:


WARNING: Layer 18 contains unmapped objects and is the source layer of LAYER MAP == 18 DATATYPE == 3.


I have a rough idea whats going on here as i had a similar DRC issue using PVS ( a cadence verification tool). I am running DRC from the IC6 virtuoso environment but the libraries which contain the layouts in question are attached to my own psuedo techfile. So for PVS i had to point it to a mapping file that lives in the actual PDK tech library "MyPDK.layermap" (in IC6 the


I'd guess that i have to do something similar from the Calibre DRC/LVS GUI or do i need some sort of include statemet directly in the deck?


Many thanks