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    Component maintenance keeps crashing when creating/copying connectors


      If I don't exit and restart Component Maintenance to create each new connector, I get a serious error and a zip file is created. If I attempt to continue then Component Maintenance becomes seriously unhappy and stops applying data which I've entered, so I have to exit.

      I've noticed that when I copy an existing component or create a new component from scratch, the data is put into the wrong columns.


      In the case above where I've copied a part, the data is actually scrambled for the older part on the second row. The description is in No. Cavities, type is in the Description, Material has become Each etc. It seems that the actual headings are jumbled, so there are two problems.

      If I create a new part and press apply, the data appears under the wrong headings:


      I believe that again on this screen and mode, the headings are jumbled.

      I am having to leave Component Maintenance after every component to avoid this serious error.

      Why is this happening?


      I guess I should close down and restart VeSys to see if this is a temporary corruption?


      I restarted VeSys, and started creating a new connector part. Initially the table headings were correct leading me to wonder if the first serious error had caused some kind of malfunction? But then I went to the customer tab and entered the customer data - and noticed that the headings had become scrambled as above.


      Regards: Tom