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    different views




      does any one know why the view of a symbol in the symbol editor is different than the view of the symbol when I drag it onto a schematic from databook. I created a symbol in the symbol editor and saved it to the library but when I bring the symbol onto the schematic the symbol does not look the same. The text is much further away from my pins than expected and my Ref designator that I placed outside the symbol in the editor appears inside the symbol. the symbol was created on a 100 mill grid and my schematic is set to a 100 mill grid. Do I have a setting wrong some place or do you think my grid on the schematic off?


      Thanks for your suggestions.





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          Try checking font mapping and property origins

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            Hi  Artsiom,


            My font mapping is fixed and mapped to Arial. The text inside my symbol is mapped to "middle Left" for the text on the left side and "middle right" for text on the right side of the symbols does that seem correct to you?

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              Well, sounds OK.

              Can you attach the symbol file so I could take a look?

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                The New Symbol Editor (NSE) is not What You See Is What You Get !!!!

                It is somethin in the middle. For example right aligned Text cannot be edited as expected inside graphical view, the cursor will be somewhere else but not on the current character.


                Zooming in and out does changes "font size" - not really the size but the text seems to be larger than expected.





                I think Mentor will improve the "features" in the future.




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                  Hi Wolfgang,


                  Thanks for letting me know the New Symbol Editor is not a "What You See is What You Get" feature that I was expecting. That helps explain why the text on my CPU symbol looks good until I pull it into the schematic then the text and outline box extend beyond the pins so I can't add a net correctly. I look at the CPU symbol in the editor and it looks fine but in the schematic it's different.


                  Have you also noticed that if you put a # sign in the name field under properties it duplicates the pins in text only but the actual pins do not show up on the symbol. We just learned that by accident and some how I duplicated the actual pins on a symbol but I can't seem to replicate it to figure out how I did that.


                  Thanks again


                  Best regards,



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                    Here is an example what I mean - the symbol looks OK in DXDesigner - but not in NSE.

                    Yes there are many bugs in NSE - I hope some of them will be fixed.


                    It is not always reproducable - but editing inside the graphical view is not always working eg. renaming pin names, entering pin numbers .....

                    If the graphical view is not working - it is possible to use the properties window.


                    What I like is the navigation (scroll arrows).



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