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    Text in gerber smaller?


      I searched site but don't find anything about this.

      If I of course use a stroke font, like default Romansim Stoke Font or eve PADS Stroke Font, the actual gerber output

      makes the text much smaller, in fact I needed to make the text in PADS .175 tall to get the .125 tall I was looking for?

      Any ideas out there. There are no scaling functions I see here in play?

      The rest comes out 1:1 however alll the text is smaller.

      I always thought stroke fonts should plot properly and at size specified in CAD tool?



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          The text in PADS takes into consideration the forward slash “/” character and it is always larger than normal text. So PADS creates a “Text Box” that includes all characters and the size of the text box is the value you assign in PADS. So the / character is 1:1 scale but then all the other characters are slightly shorter. This has been this way since I first used PADS in 1985.

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            Ooooh, OK thanks, I don't think I have seen this in other CAD systems? I have only been using PADS for 6months now. Or maybe I missed it.

            I really have to think whether Expedition does this, I dn't think it did?

            Well thanks for the explanation.

            I had a customer that wanted .125 tall text period. again had to to go to .175 to get there.

            So that is interesting the assembly dwgs will have text too large & gerbers just right.

            Unless you use another layer besides Top Silk to do assy dwg nomanclature.


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              There is a conversion factor you can use.

              It is 1.52. Example, PADS text height of 152 mils will be 100 mils in Gerber.

              We have been using this since 2005.