migrating from Logic to DxDesigner

Discussion created by pwhitt on Apr 19, 2011
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Hi All.


I've been a long-time Logic user and have grown to love it after getting settled into its methods and madness.  I've only recently started getting up to speed on a new release, having spent much of my time using 2007 & 2009.


I'm hoping to establish a path for our engineering teams to use a common PADS suite and it looks to me that DxDesigner is Mentor's preferred schematic capture and simulation front-end now.  Frankly, after learning to navigate through Logic at a comfortable pace, I do not want to step back and learn to adopt new practices and work-arounds and even more methods and madness...  And I really appreciate the interface parallels between Logic and Layout.  But I don't want to impede my access to tools like Hyperlynx Analog and I don't want to replicate work between the two environments.


So: is there a conversion tool to port my existing Logic schematics over to DxDesigner schematics that I can then set up in full-blown DxDesigner projects?  It'd be a lot easier if I could - then i could always do the grunt work in Logic and ease my way into DxDesigner...  Is there a way to make Logic my schematic editor within DxDesigner??


I've done a little searching and found remarks about work in progress on various conversion tools, but I didn't find a definitive yes/no regarding DxDesigner <-> Logic.


Thanks for any info or pointers!