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    migrating from Logic to DxDesigner


      Hi All.


      I've been a long-time Logic user and have grown to love it after getting settled into its methods and madness.  I've only recently started getting up to speed on a new release, having spent much of my time using 2007 & 2009.


      I'm hoping to establish a path for our engineering teams to use a common PADS suite and it looks to me that DxDesigner is Mentor's preferred schematic capture and simulation front-end now.  Frankly, after learning to navigate through Logic at a comfortable pace, I do not want to step back and learn to adopt new practices and work-arounds and even more methods and madness...  And I really appreciate the interface parallels between Logic and Layout.  But I don't want to impede my access to tools like Hyperlynx Analog and I don't want to replicate work between the two environments.


      So: is there a conversion tool to port my existing Logic schematics over to DxDesigner schematics that I can then set up in full-blown DxDesigner projects?  It'd be a lot easier if I could - then i could always do the grunt work in Logic and ease my way into DxDesigner...  Is there a way to make Logic my schematic editor within DxDesigner??


      I've done a little searching and found remarks about work in progress on various conversion tools, but I didn't find a definitive yes/no regarding DxDesigner <-> Logic.


      Thanks for any info or pointers!

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          You can import your Logic schematics into DxDesigner easily after creating a new project.  It is a one-way path, however, and you cannot bring those schematics back to Logic.  Also, there is no way to use the Logic editor inside DxDesigner.


          I would recommend becoming more familiar with DxDesigner, preferably in a live classroom or live online training class.  Logic is a simple tool (once you get used to it).  DxDesigner is much more powerful but also more complex.  In order to have a productive first experience using DxDesigner it is helpful to have a good basic understanding of how it works.  This will save time in the long run, especially if there will be entire engineering teams moving to it.



          You can find information about class content and dates at:






          Tech Note MG244347 - Using DxDesigner in a PADS Flow - contains a complete workshop on using DxDesigner with PADS.   You can find it at:





          If you have specific technical questions about DxDesigner please submit a Service Request to DxDesigner support and they will be happy to help you.

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            After having spent some time learning DxDesigner to use instead of both PADS Logic and Design Architect, I would say that it isn't an impossible task.

            Sure you'll have to learn a thing or two, but that's not a bad thing, is it?


            I would say that the real issue with DxDesigner is the librariy.

            I have lots and lots of PADS and Board Station components that are useless in DxDesigner.

            Translation tools?

            Sure, I ran PADS to Expedition library translator which seemed to work apart from the small fact that decals weren't translated!  Very useful... Not!

            Board Station to Expedition library translator seems to start correctly, takes forever to run and then always crashes somewhere along the way without any useful output.

            And about the library that comes along with the DxDesigner installation - where is it?

            I've only found some rather useless sample libs for tutorials, but compare this with the rather excellent start set you get in PADS or the optional board process libraries in Board station - where are the similar stuff for DxDesigner?

            Sorry, I don't want to spend months trying to re-create libraries for a new tool, so I'll stick with PADS Logic and Design Architect until Mentor can supply either a decent set of starter libraries or a useful conversion tool.

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              Have you looked at the Migration Planning Guides pages for advice on converting your libraries? http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/other-info/Expedition-Enterprise-Migration.cfm

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                The whole migration planning issue is for larger companies, preferrably with a separate librarian who goes some courses and then deploys the migration plan to the design staff.

                Unfortunately there are many companies and institutions where only one or two persons does everything - this is especially true for PADS.

                It's simply too cumbersome to switch to DxDesigner and all of it's library issues when PADS Logic works perfectly well but is obviously a tool that Mentor wants to phase out from the market.

                Don't misunderstand me, DxDesigner is a powerful tool that is fun to use but it solves a problem that I don't have.


                I still don't understand how those who purchase PADS with only DxDesigner solve the library issue. Do they really start from scratch creating all components?

                Why isn't there a starter library either included or as an optional extra?

                Have I perhaps missed something and done something stupid in my installations to exclude libraries?

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                  Hande Erdogan

                  Yes you can easily convert your PADS Logic schematics to DxDesigner.(also with libraries)

                  1.)Open DxDesigner.

                  2.)File>New>Project to create empty project. 

                  3)File>Import>PADS and browse your logic schematic file. (i.e. designname.sch)

                  In this window, first tab translates Logic schematic to DxD schematic. Second tab translates Logic Libraries to DxD libraries. So you can create nice startup library converting PADS libraries to DxDesigner if you want using this menu.

                  4.)After translation complated, your design is seen under Blocks section in Navigator of DxD. Right click on it and select 'Create Board'. Thus it will be moved under Boards section in Navigator.

                  That's all. Now you have DxDesigner schematic.

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                    Regarding the conversion of PADS Logic schematics to DxDesigner, I am currently using release 7.9.1 and I don't see "PADS" in my selection of import tools in DxDesigner.  Is this a licensed product, or is there something else I need to do to see "PADS" as one of the import tools available?



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                      In 7.9.1 the commands are on the Start menu (I think, not used 7.9.1 in a long time) and may need to be installed separately from the installation menu.

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                        Creation of the empty xDx project has to be changed from the default Integrated Flow to Netlist pads_template to see extended options including PADS on File Import in Verion VX.0 at least.

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                          The note that you cannot convert a project back from DxDesigner to PADS is not to be taken lightly. 

                          Mentor_JanetD is right when she says that there is no way to convert a DXD design back into Pads

                          Logic.  Customers including myself have been asking for this capability for years and Mentor has resolutely

                          resisted that pressure.  I don't know for sure why but I suspect that it is simply a monumental task.


                          Here's why I think so.  I translated a moderate size design (just over 1MB file size in PADS Logic) to DXD. 

                          The resulting directory is 2.3 MB in size and it contains a hierarchy of 245 files. 


                          That compares favorably to some designs we have in our organization that were created originally in DXD. 

                          Those files can grow to be many times larger.  For example, we have a design that's not all that much larger

                          that was developed in DXD.  Despite not being that much different of a design, that hierarchy contains over

                          2300 files and is 43 MB in size.  I don't know how much of that really needs to be there, but you can understand

                          the challenge of distilling information that is spread over hundreds of files into the simple database that PADS

                          Logic uses.