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Do you use revision control with DxDesigner/Expedition PCB flow ?

Question asked by A.Ozenne on Apr 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Gary_Lameris



I would like to use revision control with EE7.9 but I find several issues so I would like to know wether or not you use revision control and if so, how you manage your library and projects.


The issues I have so far are:


- If my central library is under revision control, when I create a new panel for instance, the template folder is copied with the .svn folder and therefore, I have conflict issues when commiting the project.

- I currently commit all the files in the project folder but it is getting huge and I amm not sure how to use DxArchiver for revision control. I think this tools is more for snapshot backups.


Do you have any example on how to make revision control work with EE7.9?


Thank you.