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    Library Manager scripting


      Hi all,

      I play with scripting in library manager and I have a problem with validating license.

      I used a part of script from tutorial.... see the error message dialog.

      It seems the software dowsn't know the VALIDATE property.

      Can somebody help me?


      Many thanks


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          I'm not sure if it's the best practice, but I don't validate the server and it does't cause any problems.  This is the module I use to connect to the library:




          Option Strict Off

          Option Explicit On'


          Public Module Automation_Interface


              Public job As String

              Public lib_path As String


              Public part_ed_dlg As MGCPCBPartsEditor.PartsEditorDlg

              Public pdb_db As MGCPCBPartsEditor.PartsDB


              Public partitions As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Partitions

              Public partition As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Partition


              Public parts As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Parts

              Public part As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Part


              Public cellrefs As MGCPCBPartsEditor.CellReferences

              Public cellref As MGCPCBPartsEditor.CellReference


              Public symbs As MGCPCBPartsEditor.SymbolReferences

              Public symb As MGCPCBPartsEditor.SymbolReference


              Public props As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Properties

              Public prop As MGCPCBPartsEditor.Property


              Public celldlg as CellEditorAddinLib.CellEditorDlg

              Public celldb As CellEditorAddinLib.CellDB


              Public clpartitions As CellEditorAddinLib.Partitions

              Public clpartition As CellEditorAddinLib.Partition


              Public cells As CellEditorAddinLib.Cells

              Public cell As CellEditorAddinLib.Cell


              Public Sub GetLib()

                  'Creates a handle to the Parts Editor in Library Manager

                  part_ed_dlg =CreateObject("MGCPCBLibraries.PartsEditorDlg")

                  pdb_db = part_ed_dlg.OpenDatabaseEx(job, False)

                  If part_ed_dlg.LockServer() Then

                      'do nothing


                      msgbox("Could not lock database for writing")

                  End If


              End Sub


              Public Sub DropLib()

                  'Close the open library and release hooks





                  pdb_db = Nothing

                  part_ed_dlg = Nothing

              End Sub


          End Module



          To start access to the Part Editor functionality, run GetLib(), then DropLib() when you don't need it anymore.  For example:



                  partitions = pdb_db.Partitions


                  For Each partition In partitions

                      parts = partition.parts

                      For Each part In parts

                          props = part.properties

                          If props.Count > 0 Then

                              For Each prop In props



                          End If








          I originally got the starting point for this from another post here in the Communities area.  I forget where or what the subject was, but if you keep looking, you'll probably find it.



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            it is strange that I don't have to call licensing for authentication in LIBRARY MANAGER

            but not including it in script for ExpeditionPCB I get an erroro that I HAVE to use licensing call for authentication...?

            I'm a litle confused by it.


            But if you say don't have to use it in my script (for library manager) I don't use it .


            Thank you


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              Hi, I'm using part of your droplib function,






                     Set pdb_db = Nothing

                     Set part_ed_dlg = Nothing


              I've tried with .closeactiveDatabase, even with .Quit and if the program is still opened due some other functions, the license is not released, the program is still using a library license!!


              I don't know how to release the license without closing the program


              Any help well be apreciated, thanks



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                Martin & Victor,


                I don't know why it works as it does.  I think there is some problem with the way library manager works with Windows.  If you open Library Manager in its normal mode, as in not with automation but opening it through Windows, and close it, it keeps the executable running and the license locked.  We have asked about this with Mentor and so far no response.  Stopped bothering.  It's a pain, but every so often you have to open Task Manager and kill it that way.


                Sorry I don't have a better solution. If you (or anyone) finds one, please make it known.


                Any Mentor guys reading this, please post up and let us know if we are doing something wrong or if there is a fix in the works for this problem.

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                  ThankS for the answer.. knowing than it is a bug, I've used part of the code of a script uploaded byt timo_kyyronen to kill the running task and now I've solved the issue!



                  Automation: kill unnecessary librarymanager.exe process while closing LIbraryManager application

                  Created on: Aug 13, 2012 12:32 AM by timo_kyyronen - Last Modified: Aug 13, 2012 12:39 AM by timo_kyyronen