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    standard way for showing modules in carrier boards


      What's the standard or best way for showing the modules which would connect/interface to a carrier board using some connectors and mounting holes/spacers in PADS Layout?

      The carrier board would contain components under these modules? I think defining these modules as PCB decals consisted of some mounting holes and connectors is not a good way since I want to place other components under these modules.


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          I haven't come up with a better way then what you are suggesting.  I then keep a known list of clearance violations that are not cleared in the design and document these errors; this document stays with the design package.  If there are any changes under the component these need to be studied very closely to make sure hidden errors don't creep in.


          PADS need to be able to mount components on more layers than just top and bottom to get around this; I haven't had to do it that often to make it worth turning into a 'bright idea'.


          John D

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