DxDesigner Automation Utilities (DxD-AU)

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DxDesigner Automation Utilities (DxD-AU) is a suite of automation tools currently being developed to help enhance both the user experience and enviroment while using DxDesigner.


6/26/2001: Updated DxDAU to v1.5.1 to fix the Modify Component Properties color problem.





Currently DxDAU will be released to the public on 6/17/2011 with the following features:


  1. Plugin Manager - Allows users to control and mange features displayed uner the "Automation Utilities" menu in DxDesigner. These features include the stock programs DxDAU programs provided but also any user created script (.vbs, .efm and .exe files).
  2. Modify Component Propeties - Allows users to modify schematic component properties. Modifications include "Change Style" (changing font/font color, property origin, visbility), "Rename Property", "Remove Property"
  3. Pull Expedition Data - Allows users to pull Part Number, Cell name, Placement Side, Placement Location, Component Placed from expedition and push to DxDesigner as component properties.
  4. Color Nets - Allows users to apply color schemes to nets across DxDesigner and Expedition (optional).
  5. Update Symbol Partitions - Allows a central library symbol partitions to be reorganized. Those changes are then pulled from the Central Library and applied to the symbols in already created projects.



Microsoft .NET Framework 4


We want to hear from you! What other features would you like to see? Features are limited to what can be done through automation today. The more generic the application, the greater the chance it will be added to DxD-AU.



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