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    Changing ground symbols



      I wonder if there is a way to change ground symbols in the schematic? I have one where is a lot of ground symbols and I would like to change it, but doing it manually would be nightmare... ther is so many of them

      Maybe it is possible to write some kind of macro, but I do not have experience in that. Please help.

      Thank you.

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          Have you used CTRL+TAB to toggle thru the available ground symbols? I am on an older version of PADS and I don't know how may variations of the ground symbol are available in newer versions. In either case you can generate more symbols in your library. I have eight standard ground symbols that are labeled GND1 thru GND8 that I use on circuits where I want to seperate the ground connections.


          Hope this helps,



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            This should be fairly simple in ASCII:


            - ASCII export

            - edit the file and do a global change from 'GND1' to 'GND3' (you might have to add some addition text to only select the symbol)

            - save the file

            - ASCII import

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              ASCII way works great, thank you.


              In section *OFFPAGE REFS* of ascii file I just had to change last  digit in each line. In my case digits from 0 to 2 represent  corresponding ground symbols from $GND_SYMS part.


              @@@O0    GND $GND_SYMS 7400   10500  90 0 0 <- this last digit has to be changed in each line of the section



              CTRL+TAB way requires first to move ground symbol, only then I can alternate it and then placing it back. Additionally I would have to do it several dozen of times in case of my project.